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Bloonds TD Battles Cheats

Bloons TD Battles is an online multiplayer tower defence game programmed by Ninja Kiwi. As it is a multiplayer game, the players need to be extra careful to combat the tactics of your opponents who are ready to face each move with their mind and not a character.


For all the newbies looking for some Bloons TD Battles hack have landed on the right page. In this guide, we are going to mention some of the most straightforward Bloons TD battles cheats which will help you to earn enough coins.

Bloons TD Battles Hack And Cheats to Follow and Earning Free Money in Game

Top Towers You Should Target

Dart Monkey

Dart Monkey is the most effective tower in Bloons TD Battles when it comes to combating various kinds of Bloons. It is the first tower you will come across, and despite being the first, it serves the best to its players.

Along with that, this is also one of the cheapest towers in the game. It can also be upgraded to become faster, shoot even farther, and their darts also become quicker.

This Bloons TD Battles Hack is to make it clear that players should not underestimate the powers of Dart monkey as is one the most effective towers of the game.

Boomerang Monkey

This tower is the most versatile tower in Bloons TD Battles. Whether it comes to running solo or running as a combination strike with ice towers, Bombs or Ninjas, Boomerang Monkey is the best option for everything.

The Bloons TD Battles Cheats is to play the game by picking up a Boomerang Monkey as it will never be a wrong choice. It will always serve the best in every situation.

Ninja Monkey

When it comes to combating the most powerful Bloons, Ninjas are always the best option. They have the highest defending skills as well as blocking attacks. With each upgrade, their power increases abruptly.

The best Bloons TD Battles Cheats is to combine Ninjas with a cluster Bomb, and it will be a game-changer. You can combat almost anything by combining them.

The Bloons TD Battles Hack regarding specify who the best option is when it comes to combating the most dangerous opponent.

Bomb Tower

When it comes to choosing the most skilful tower, Bomb tower always tops the category. This tower is the most flexible one, and it also has a big radius. The best feature it serves is it also obstructs Bloons for the other towers to pop up.

So this Bloons TD Battles cheats for the users who want all the features in one single tower and immense powers.

Btd Battles Hack And Strategies You Must Know

The duo of Ninja and Sniper

The best Bloons TD Battles Hack is to combine Ninja and Sniper. For the beginners, this duo is the best option as both of these towers have the most powerful attacking and defending skills against Bloons.  You can also add any other optional tower with them to get the best out of them.

Start your game with the single Ninja Tower and make sure to upgrade it as soon as possible to get most of the benefits.

Start spamming with Bloons

The next Bloons TD Battles Hack is to start spamming your opponents with Bloons. The best method of doing is to send a group of 2 Bloons, then send one along the other way, and then keep doing it again and again.

Use Cannons to combat regular Bloons

When it comes to combating regular Bloons, Ninjas are a strict no. Ninjas are the worst acting against normal Bloons. Instead, the best Bloons TD Battles Cheats is to go for Cannons to get the best results against the normal Bloons.

Use Ninjas and Dart Monkeys against Camo Bloons

Camo Bloons are the worst kind of Bloons in Bloons TD Battles. Your next Bloons TD Battles Hack is to use Ninjas and the upgraded Dart Monkeys against them as they have the best skills to combat Camo Bloons.

Another best option you can use against them is snipers. Snipers are your best resort against Ninjas and Dart Monkeys to combat Camo Bloons.

Avoid Tack Shooter

Tack shooter is the first tower you will come across in Bloons TD Battles and also the weakest one as possible.  Tack shooter is always the worst option one can choose in the game, so it will be best to avoid it as long as possible.

The Bloons TD Battles Cheats is to avoid this tower as much as you can. Tack Shooter works best only after you get your fourth update in the game. `Therefore, it is recommended to pick the tack shooter only once you get your fourth update.

Spam multiple Snipers and Ninjas

Another Bloons TD Battles Cheats is to spam multiple Snipers and Ninjas as soon as you earn enough cash in the game. Spamming multiple Snipers and Ninjas have a lot of benefits as they are the best against the Camo Bloons.

They are also best at blocking other Bloons in their tracks in the game. Overall, spamming both these towers has significant advantages when you find Btd battles hacked.

Login daily

Another Bloons TD Battles Hack is to keep login the game daily. Whether you manage to play the game daily or not, always try to log in daily. Login daily will help you in collecting your daily rewards which will always help you to maintain a good stock of coins and medals in your account.

Quantity over the quality of towers

The best thing about Bloons TD Battles is that the towers here are very economical and you do not have to worry much about the money in the game. Here the key to defence in the game is the number of towers you have available over the quality, which means the more the number of towers, the better will be the defensive moves.

As the buying is economical, you will have plenty of towers to get the best defence against the Bloons. With a decent amount of money, you can go well with the btd hack.

Don’t switch to new defence easily

Another Bloons TD Battles Hack is to never switch to a new defence so quickly, especially when your opponents have COBRAs.  Switching to another defence mechanism can reduce your chances of winning the game and will also weaken your game. However, it will be better to stick to a particular tower for a long time to have a gradual earning.

Watch video

When you are out of energy, and you are searching for how to hack Bloons TD battles, the best option is to watch videos.  In your screen left side, there is a button called Free energy. Tap on that, and you will see a video opening. Finish watching the video, and you will receive five Energies.

Apart from free energy, you can win free medallion also in a similar way. Go to the right side of the screen and tap on the Medal sign to receive them.

But when you use Bloons TD mods, the free energy watching ads are not available.

Spin the wheel

Spinning the wheel is another btd hack to earn medals and other boosters. This option is available in every eight hours. So you can turn the wheel daily thrice. However, there is another btd cheat to reduce the timer. Watching one commercial, you can cut two hours of waiting time. So watch four ads and spin the wheel immediately again.

For those who are using Bloons TD hack apk, the option of spin wheel and videos might not be available. These generous giveaways are frequently updated in the game. But those using Bloons TD hack apks cannot update the game and lose various new and updated gameplay.

Stay Away From Bloons TD Battles Generator

There are a lot of websites trending over the internet promising various Bloons TD Battles Mod apk, and generators. But before clicking on any of them, always check if the site actually gives you anything or not. Despite following their instruction, you will return barehanded.

Most of these websites are running by fraudsters, whose only aim is to steal away your data and use them for their benefits. Hence, always cross-check the authenticity of any website before giving any personal data to them.


We have mentioned above all the legitimate Bloons TD Battles cheats and strategies which will help you earn enough amounts of coins and medals at a gradual speed. The game is extremely addictive when you need not worry about energies. Through the hacks provided through the above points, you can comfortably win more tournaments and be a Bloons star.