bloons td battles strategy guide

Bloons TD Battles is a multiplayer tower-defense fun game designed by the creators of the best-selling Bloons TD 5 developers.  A lot of features have been added to give the users an incredible experience like 18 custom head-to-head tracks, incredible towers, all-new attack and defense boosts, updates and many more.

For the users who are just new in the game and for the ones who are looking for ways to understand them more clearly, we have a strategy guide for you below.

Bloons TD Battles Strategy Guide

Choosing Towers

The first thing you need to do in the game is to select the perfect tower for yourself as per your requirement. There are different strengths and weaknesses for the respective towers, which will affect your game differently. For example, the wizard tower works best for all purposes.

It can pop almost any kind of Bloons just after 2-2 updates, and that makes it the most economical also.

At level 6, you will need a tower that can pop black Bloons, and for this, you will need a non-explosive tower. At level 12, you will need a strong tower that can pop camo Bloons. So we can say each tower is made to pop specific Bloons and you should select them according to their strengths.

Start Investing

Investing is the term used here to refer to the money spent in using the towers and pop Bloons. Here, it will require $25 to get $1 per second in return. This tip applies both to the PC as well as the mobile versions. To check whether you are on the right track or not, you must ensure the comprehensive income and spending balance.

If you get a profit of 500 by round 10 and a gain of 2000 by Round 32 you can make sure that you are performing well.

Tack Shooter

Tack Shooter is the first tower you will get when you get started. But, it is also the weakest tower as compared to others until you get the fourth tier upgrade. So make sure always to avoid it until you get your fourth-tier update to get the best results. Instead, you can also go for the Ring of Fire or Blade Maelstrom.

Ninjas And Dart Monkey Against Camo Bloons

Camo Bloons are robust in Bloons TD battles which you need to administer with challenging strategy. Dealing with them is a challenging task, but a couple of Ninja or Dart Monkey can make your job even more comfortable. This duo is the best when it comes to combating Camo Bloons.

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Another tip is to go for the snipers against them. Snipers are also the best to fight Camo Bloons.


Upgrades are the most crucial step in the Bloons TD battles. To get the best results, you need to keep your towers well updated. Each tower works differently on a specific update like, the cannon tower with the update 3-0 faces two weaknesses which are: the camo and the black Bloons.

It also works best at the 2-3 and 3-4 upgrades later in the game.

Final Words

Bloons TD is a fun game if you take it as a leisurely pace. The best strategy here is to make a balance of your income and spending. When you are an FTP gamer, then keep a note of the cheats in the game to make money.

To blast the Bloons, use the boosters appropriately, and no one can beat you in the tournament.